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Stock Loan Exchange is a group of professionals committed to dominating the non-recourse stock loan industry. Our platform is strategically designed to impart a wealth of industry knowledge gained from decades of accomplishments. Our years of successful transactions have afforded us the privilege of representing Stone Creek Global in all major markets worldwide.

We are honored to be part of the most prominent experts in the industry who instill within our business model their years of best practices. Our comprehensive suite of financial services presents a wide-array of customized financial solutions to meet every need of C-suite executives, insiders, and investors in a corporate, and personal lending capacity.

We welcome our clientele to retain the best legal, securities, and tax advisor representation to perform deep due diligence measures in every area of our terms/closing documents, and value proposition. In each step of the process, we endeavor to make your experience a hassle-free, straightforward, and transparent transaction – so you can confidently secure the maximum amount of funding.


“Integrity In Lending – It’s Our Ironclad Guarantee”

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One of the primary reasons for assembling the wealth of information here at Stock Loan Exchange, we want to help address the elephant in the room by demystifying the idea that non-recourse – non-title stock loans are what the majority of executives tell us on a daily basis – It sounds…

  1. Too Good To Be True
  2. There Must Be a Catch
  3. Never Heard of Such Before
  4. Where Have You Been All Along

Borrowers across all markets are accustomed to traditional financing where the local, institutional and international banks impose an enormous number of cross-collateralization covenants within their securities-based lines of credit. Of course, it’s the norm, the banks will charge a higher adjustable interest rate, lower loan-to-value on pledged securities, and if the loan defaults, they will go after all your assets, both corporate and personal assets.

It’s unfortunate to say, a great majority of our loyal clientele have all confirmed,  that once their loans have begun the funding process; the main reason that prevented them from getting involved in the very beginning, they did not believe in the product for lack of knowledge.


Thorough Research Creates Effective Decisions

For that one reason alone, they never performed any due diligence on the company, our executive team, nor the industry-leading product itself – at the end of the day, they walked away for tens of millions, even hundreds of millions in liquidity.

We encourage you to take advantage of all the free resources available here on the site. Learn from our clients’ own personal experience below. Directly upon receiving the news that his company stock pre-qualified for a leveraged equities loan, he immediately took massive action and aligned a team of elite professionals to spearhead deep due diligence measures on SCG,  President – Stephen Decker, and our industry leading non-recourse stock loan program.

“Success Leaves Clues in Life”

People who succeed at the highest level are doing something differently than everyone else.

We strongly encourage our borrowers to perform a highlevel of due diligence measures in vetting SCG & President, Stephen Decker.

Here’s Why 

During his 14+ years at the helm of SCG – Stephen Decker has developed a history of empirical evidence stemming from the years of funding successful loan transactions. Across all major stock exchanges, he has built strong relationships with the most elite and prestigious law firms, administrators, agent/banks, custodians, and transfer agents, globally.

Allow us to share a recent success story of a stock loan we are currently funding.

The borrower is an astute 25-year professional in the public company space. He is the Founder & CEO of a law firm comprised of more than 30+ attorneys. Upon receiving news from SCG that his company’s stock qualified for our industry-leading stock loan program, he immediately had his legal team launch extensive due diligence measures on SCG.

Within 24-hours, the CEO directed the company CFO to schedule an introductory video conference call with SCG’s Senior Management Team. After receiving the term sheet presented, he elected to retain outside legal counsel with a “Super Lawyer” at a law firm comprised of 40+ attorneys to review our business documents.

Upon SCG presenting the final set of loan documents, the CEO elected to retain a third outside legal counsel – an elite securities law firm comprised of more than 120+ attorneys to review the final proposed loan agreement and securities transaction.

In addition to SCG consulting with the most elite and prestigious international law firms globally, our process displays that we have welcomed intense vetting by all our clients over the past 14+ years. Therefore, you can have absolute confidence in your term sheets and final loan documents. SCG’s documents and processes are proven, reliable and transparent.

Back to our Founder & CEO – As a result of his legal team’s intense scrutiny, funding procedures throughout the first loan, and earning his confidence in SCG, he requested a second loan; required shares have been deposited with the custodian bank, and funding has proceeded!

SCG’s proficiency in executing funding per the loan agreement in an orderly manner has resulted in two loans for our client. This is a Corporate Loan for his company in addition to a Personal Loan for his law firm.


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✅ Direct & Private Lending

Our services are private and confidential when working with our borrowers.

✅ Unlimited Funding

We are very well capitalized and provide loans ranging from a minimum of $1MM to over $500MM+.

✅ Lowest Rates

Enjoy the lowest single digit fixed interest rates worldwide.


SCG –  No. 1 Trusted Direct Lender offering liquidity solutions for Top-Level Executives and the Ultra-High Net Worth. Our industry-leading non-recourse, non-title transfer leveraged equity loan product allows SCG to deliver the most superior instant liquidity financing in the marketplace with over 40 years of combined experience serving the global community. SCG leads the market in high LTVs, low fixed-interest only payments, easy terms, and expedited closing to allow you the liquidity you need for exponential growth.


“You will instantly Gain access to Money & Liquidity ➥Cheap, Easily, Fast and PRIVATELY using your Publicly-Traded Securities.” Ponder this… As experts, SCG has helped people like you fulfill unlimited amounts of money. Get liquidity for any purpose using your securities, reduce concentrated risk exposure and solve complex puzzles to permit you to instantly achieve your life goals.

✔️ 80+ Major Worldwide Stock Exchanges in over 195 Countries are accepted as well as Borrowers from around the Globe leveraging our private and confidential stock loan services.

Instantly Realize Most Stock Can Qualify with 3 Unique Stock Loan Programs

✅ NO Personal Guarantee!

✅ NO Credit Review!

✅ NO Personal Income!

✅ NO Personal Tax Returns Required!

✅ NO Business Income or Returns!

✅ Reap 100% Appreciation & Dividends!

1. Penny stock/Emerging Growth stock priced under $1.00 with normal trading volume

2. Non-marginable stock priced $1.00 to $5.00 with normal trading volume

3. Marginable stock priced $5.00+ with normal trading volume

Eligible securities include stocks, penny stocks, credit-worthy bonds and ETF’s and other marketable securities. 

Now you can PROTECT your stock portfolio and GET CASH with our non-recourse stock loan or other structures.

★ 10 Major Benefits of Non-Recourse Loans ★

1.  You are not personally liable for the loan.

2.  You are not personally guaranteeing the loan, so you may not be required to disclose it to others. Many borrowers appreciate this privacy feature.

3. You will have a clean personal balance sheet that leaves room for other refinancing.

4.  SCG has no recourse against you. This means SCG cannot go after you personally if SCG sustains a huge loss of money on your loan. We take all the risk and therefore the loss. If there is a sudden collapse in the value of the securities pledged for your loan, your personal and business assets are protected, unlike a loan from any other source.

5.  SCG’s loan structure provides access to ongoing sources of capital with other financial companies because SCG’s loan is non-recourse.

6. You can walk away from the loan the day after the loan is funded and not be liable for any future interest payments or principal repayment with SCG’s non-recourse loan.

7. Your personal credit, financials, income and tax returns do not come into consideration with a non-recourse loan.

8. In the case of a default, SCG can only seize the collateral pledged for the loan and cannot go after any of your other personal or business assets. You are safer with a non-recourse loan and have more options and security than with a conventional full-recourse bank loan or a margin loan.

9. You do not have to disclose liability on your financials or to your partners or other lenders due to the fact that you are not obligated to pay back the loan. and for you, This privacy is a major benefit.

10. Another example of less risk with our product is that you do not have a forced obligation for a balloon payment. So in the future, if you cannot repay the loan, you can easily walk away. With a full recourse loan from a bank or brokerage, you would be forced to pay it all off, risking all of your other personal and business assets.

CAVEAT: When you take out a conventional recourse loan with a bank or financial brokerage firm, you put everything you own at risk if the collateral collapses. Our non-recourse loan is a huge benefit because you will enjoy all the valuable features of a non-recourse loan while also realizing all appreciation and dividends.

WE Are Not Legal or Tax Advisors

You Should Always Consult Your Legal and Tax Advisors For Specific Advice Regarding Any Loan.

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