SCG Loan Process

Live Introductory Video Conference Calls

The purpose of the video conference is to save our clients the months of time that banks and institutional lenders consume in the loan process. We wish to arrange your financing as fast as possible. So, our Senior Management will get to know you personally, explore your financial needs, suggest the best loan structure for your situation and answer all your questions. This personal approach leads directly to the production of a Terms Sheet which you will receive within 72 hours.

As you engage in a live video conference call with our Senior Management, you will enjoy our professionals’ years of global experience structuring tailored loan solutions. We take into consideration the loan amount, the nature of the loan whether personal or corporate, any restrictions upon the shares, and the share structure. We will meet your specific requirements and needs. This personal service cannot be matched by local banks or institutional lenders.

We give special attention to the following needs:

✅ Back-to-Back Loans
✅Concentrated Risk
✅ Debt Refinancing
✅ Equity Swap
✅ Exit Strategy
✅ Risk Management
✅ Roll Up Strategy
✅ Toxic Loan Bailout
✅ Wrap Around Loans


Stone Creek Global operates with the highest level of honesty, integrity and effectiveness. Our loan process is highly validated over many years of successful transactions. It proceeds step-wise and each step must be completed in full before proceeding to the next.

Therefore we cannot provide any details in advance regarding borrower terms and loan documents before the necessary qualifying information is received and processed. After you have completed the term sheet request, the SCG Credit Committee and Underwriting Team will complete our analysis and valuation of the pledged security. Then you will receive a firm Term Sheet. After signing that, the Loan Documents will be prepared.



This is an exploratory video call with you to find out if you and your stock qualify for funding. We consider the following:


Global Market Volatility


Stock Volatility


Stock History


Stock Market Capitalization


Stock Average Daily Trading Volume


Stock Exchange Region


Stock Exchange Restrictions & Rules


Stock Exchange Minimum Volume Requirements


Master Custodian Requirements
& Rules


Custodian Requirements
& Rules


This is a Non-Recourse, Non-Title Transfer, and No Cross-Collateralization Stock Loan
meaning the borrower can walk away at any time without any further obligation

Borrowers Get UP-side Gains & DOWN-side Protection Per the Loan Agreement


Details on Loan Process

All Loans are 100% Secure & Private

1. No Upfront Fee Charges

If SCG issues the borrower Loan Terms, we unlike “Quasi Lenders” will fund your loan upon the exact terms provided. We issue Terms and Loan Documents with the commitment to fund your loan. And there are no upfront fees charged by SCG ever.

2. No Hidden Charges

Any fees charged by SCG are paid out of loan proceeds, never before the loan closes. There are no breakup fees or other hidden charges as “Quasi Lenders” charge if the loan is not funded for any reason by SCG.

3. No Penalty

At any time during the funding process if SCG breaches the Loan Agreement (which has never happened and will never happen) the borrower has rights under the Control Agreement to ask for the shares to be delivered from their Custodian Account back to their original account without any penalty from SCG.

4. Quick Loan

You will easily and securely proceed through our rapid loan process to funding knowing you are entirely protected.

5. Stop The Loan

At any time before the loan is completed the borrower may stop the application process without any penalty fees or other charges by SCG. Our method is transparent. You must be comfortable and secure during all your time with us, even up to the day before we wire your funds from the closing statement.

 6. Protection From Any Loss

If for any reason SCG does not fund the borrower per the Loan Agreement, the Control Agreement and the Custodian will protect you from any loss of your shares. At your request, the Custodian holding the shares in your name will return the shares to the original account they were sent from.


This is a reliable, proven process over a decade of loans to guarantee that you are funded and satisfied. SCG is the only lender in this industry that places these safety measures and procedures in place to guarantee that you are funded exactly per the loan documents. Our funding time is rapid but how long you wait to receive your money depends entirely upon how quickly you complete each step before proceeding to the next.

Please Take Notice

Master Custodian Requirements:

✅ Completed/Executed Documents
✅ Current & Valid Identification
✅ State/Government ID/Passport
Know Your Customer (KYC) Documents