About Us

✅ We Treat Our Clients With Respect

We have built our business the old-fashioned way. By focusing on the unique needs of each of our clients, by treating our clients and colleagues the way we like to be treated.

✅ We Guarantee You The Best Results

We guarantee an effective and comprehensive stock loan transaction for you or your business. The best terms possible will be presented.

✅ Our Financing Solutions Are Unparalleled

We offer the widest variety of stock loan and securities based financing solutions in the industry.

✅ Trusted Direct Lender

Working with SCG means you will receive fast transactions and complete privacy. Get started by filling out the “Get Terms Now” form.

✅ We're Everywhere

We have offices located around the world so no matter where you live we can assist you with your lending needs.

✅ Our Results Speak For Themselves

And because of this our reputation in the marketplace stands out.

14+ Years Profound Performance History

SCG is a BVI Private Capital Firm with a worldwide footprint and the leader as a direct lender in the international stock loan space. We treat our clients and brokers with respect and laser-like focus on the end goal… “Funding Your Loan.”

We offer the widest variety of stock loan and securities-based financing solutions in the industry, period. If you have a liquid, publicly traded stock on any major stock exchange worldwide, chances are we can help. Funding is typically within 3-14 days depending on loan type. We specialize in designing quick funding securities-based financing solutions specific to our clients’ needs.

As the World’s No. 1 Leading Leveraged Equities Lender, “We have built our business the old-fashioned way… By focusing on the unique needs of each of our clients, by treating our clients and colleagues the way we like to be treated and by delivering the most superior financing products in the industry.” Take time performing your own due diligence in vetting our profound history as we’ve provided liquidity solutions for top-level executives & ultra high net worth investors for over a decade.

Stone Creek Global vs. Local, Institutional International Banks

Are you stuck between choosing a direct & private bank over a local, institutional, or international bank? There are many options and services to sift through when considering the best suitable lender to facilitate the transaction. If you’re feeling confused, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to elaborate on the major differences that you need to know between a direct & private lender and your existing traditional lending sources.

What sets us apart? What’s the Difference?

We’re confident that you’ll be able to choose the perfect partner after weighing the available options.

SCG offers a comprehensive suite of non-recourse lending services to publicly listed companies across all major stock exchanges worldwide. Our services include complex financing and corporate loan structures for clients who may require tailored structures needs. Our clients come to us over local, institutional, and international banks because we make the loan process easy, fast, private and we are flexible with the ability to lend more money!

We control the ability to close our client’s loan requests in-house, so we make the final decision, not another bank or fund. We approve all loan requests fast and without large credit committees as is the course if they go with an institutional bank. Usually, a client can be approved within 24 hours of submission. No personal or business credit is required, no personal or business income is required, no personal or business tax returns as well as no personal guarantee because our loan is purely based on the collateral the client is pledging for the loan. Therefore, we can approve all submissions quickly and the reason our loans fund rapidly with us. Most closings average 2 weeks from start to finish, which is precisely why our HNW clients utilize us over institutional banks.

A large institutional bank requires extensive underwriting and a full credit package from an HNW individual or corporation. They require them to personally guarantee the loan, in addition, it can take 75 to 120 days to close. That is a prime reason our clients work with us as we can close very quickly, much easier with less documentation, and much faster than the banks. That is a huge advantage we offer over the banks. In addition, our loans are non-recourse (no risk for the borrower, no personal or corporate guarantees required) unlike institution loans as well as very private transactions.

SCG originates through our professionally trained global team, which underwrites, funds, and services all the loans we close. In fact, we are one of the only global lenders to do so. This allows us to stick to our model of being fast, efficient, and flexible, which means more loans are closed and funded to your clients! Unlike banks, we do not have regulatory imposed lending limits per client, which means we can structure larger loans and more creative structures in solving our client’s needs or problems they face. We have no theoretical lending limits as each loan is based on the merits and underwriting of the collateral pledged. That stated, most higher loans are in the hundreds of millions typically. Standard loan requests are $10 million to $250 million, with the absolute minimum loan of only $1,000,000 USD.

There are times during the live “Introductory” video conference calls, we have borrowers at the helm of great-great stocks – large market cap companies who have open lines of credit. Many times, the borrowers are repeat clients who have already experienced our loan process and received funding on previous loan transactions.

During our conversations, borrowers are always open to discussing other lending options,  rates, and available terms. When asked – So, what brings you to SCG? Why do you want to do business with a private lender over going to your existing lender or major bank?

🎧 Listen to what they say, and they flat outright tell us!

🎯 Certainly, they could get funding through various other lending sources, including major banks.

💰 The reason why they come to SCG – They don’t want to be on the noose for any amount! 

Stock Loans, It’s All we do

A stock loan from SCG gives liquidity to the borrower

Provides a hedge against market volatility for the borrower

Simple, interest-only loan vehicle

Non-recourse product

Non-transfer of title product

Simple and effective transaction designed to provide the borrower with liquidity while retaining access to potential asset appreciation

100% secured and private.

SCG’s non- recourse loan product does not require a credit check or financials

There are different variations of the stock loan vehicles across the globe, but the underlying model is primarily the same

The clients’ request loan terms (in the range from 3-10 years)

The Lender (SCG) analyzes the collateral and provides a term sheet

The client reviews the terms and then signs the documents

The Lender (SCG) issues a contract

The client signs the contract and sends back to the Lender

SCG assist the client in opening their collateral account where pledged shares will be placed

The Lender (SCG) sends the loan proceeds to the client along with a closing statement and debt schedule

The client makes quarterly interest payments until repayment of the loan and repatriation of the securities.

Integrity in lending

Our private capital firm is leading the way in global finance. With an ever-changing financial climate, you need someone on your side who knows how to close your stock loan and get you your funds in a timely manner. We lend to a wide range of clientele, the high net worth, executives, affiliates, real estate investors, etc. and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise and our genuine concern for your greater good.




Put our experience on your side

  1. With Stone Creek Global as the direct lender, you are partnering with over a decade of professional experience in successful stock loan transactions.
  2. Our tenure in this industry allows us to provide you with the widest variety of stock loan and securities-based financing solutions.
  3. With a worldwide footprint in the international stock loan space, we can get your stock loan funding done.

As the direct lender with over a decade of experience we guarantee effective and comprehensive stock loan transaction for you or your business. Our reputation and history of successful transactions and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping our clients – large or small, obtain streamline financing even in today’s economy. We lend on most stock markets.

Let’s face it, liquidity is king. So why would you not put your shares to work? Our stock loans are rapid and safe. A non-recourse loan offers you significant protection. In contrast to all banks, commercial and institutional lenders, we do not demand all your business and personal assets as collateral. The stock alone is the collateral.


SCG’s industry-leading non-recourse stock loans provide borrowers with limited downside risk.

Borrowers get Upside Gains & Downside Protection per the Loan Agreement, the Best of both Worlds!

The Stock Loan Firm you can Trust

Our Specialty:

✅ Loans against securities
✅ Providing you stock loans for large and small cap stocks
✅ Closing your loan quickly and efficiently
✅ Helping you mitigate your portfolio risk through diversification
✅ Providing you with liquidity
✅ Offering flexible loan packages tailored to your individual needs
✅ Securing competitive low fixed-interest rates
✅ Providing you your personal account executive to walk you through the proces
✅ We are the direct lender
✅ We are a private lender which means you enjoy privacy
✅ Never any upfront fees