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Al Pintor

Managing Director
Stock Loan Exchange
Stock Loans Etc.

My role revolves around assisting all our team members in reaching our targeted goals and maintaining a flow of interested borrowers in the emerging markets. My efforts are concentrated on helping borrowers with large amounts of debt on the balance sheets, exiting toxic debt situations, roll-up strategies and the need for future acquisitions and general working capital.

As a family business owner, myself, I want to provide deep wherewithal on all levels of the non-recourse stock loan process to all borrowers, both on a corporate and personal lending basis. As interest rates reach an all-time high, we are positioned to help many executives, insiders, and investors with the lowest, fixed-interest rates in the industry coupled with the highest loan to value, worldwide.

I avoid risk at all costs and do not believe in voicing my opinion if it cannot be backed up with facts. We work in an environment where our actions need to be held accountable and your words need to be aligned with integrity and honesty. My entire decision in aligning efforts with all firms affiliated with Stock Loan Exchange, including Stone Creek Global, Secure Stock Loans, Stock Loans Unlimited, International Stock Loans, and Stock Tap International; Integrity is woven within the fabric of all the top-level executives involved.

In my spare time, I enjoy my French Bulldog… Bullet, rough housing with the grandchildren, listening to classic rock & roll, cooking on the grill, fishing, and working on projects around the house for my bride of forty-one years.