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Ben Ingersoll

Managing Director
Stock Loan Exchange
Stock Tap International LLC

Trust is the foundation of long-lasting business relationships. Practicing Integrity in Lending comes naturally for all the associates here working together as a team.

Our goal is to provide instant non-recourse liquidity through Stock Loans to our vast international clientele.

The SCG deal structure, and loan process helps public companies achieve their financial goals swiftly, all around the globe in every market.

It is exciting to work with CEO’s, CFO’s, Insiders, and Investors to implement corporate strategies, having access to capital provided by SCG.

My experience in Commercial Finance, 25 years in the Oil & Gas industry, Outside Sales, and as a Marine Veteran has taught me service, and hard work is rewarding.

At home I enjoy grilling, & chilling with family, and friends, and playing with my grandson along with outdoor activities of all kinds.